As soon as the company was founded, executive leadership knew they wanted a company founded on basic business principles.  Not just customer service but outstanding customer service is where Platinum shines not just by word but by our core values measured through specific measurable tenants of our company guarantee --- the Platinum Guarantee.

No Termed-Based Agreement

no agreement

At Platinum, we don't believe in locking merchants into long term contracts. We do believe in providing outstanding customer service so merchant choose to stay with us.

No Early Termination Fee

Cancellation fees

Your money is important.  Why pay for an early termination fee?  At Platinum, there are no termination fees.  Again we want you to stay with us not be forced to.

No Margin Increase

Rate Increase

While Visa and Mastercard do raise rates every spring and fall, Platinum will never raise our margin on your account for the life of your account.

No overpriced or Unnecessary Equipment


While some companies make significant income on selling high priced unneeded equipment, Platinum truly consults with every merchant to find determine the exact equipment that is the best fit.  And then sells it at an affordable price.


Highly Trained Sales Team

sales reps 2

Being a Platinum customer, you will consult with the highest trained payment professionals in the industry.  They will consult with you to determine the best solution for your electronic payment needs.

24 / 7 / 365 Customer Support


You will receive world-class support whenever you need it regardless of day of week or time of day.  The support staff will answer the call quickly, resolve your questions speedily, and ensure your concern is taken care of the first time.

Best Rates


Our rates are very competitive.  We stand behind them.  If you run across a bid that saves you money, we guarantee to beat those rates.  You will never have to worry about your rates.