We protect you, the merchant, from any rate increases, buying unnecessary equipment, term-based agreements or termination fees.

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Platinum Payments

What Is The Platinum Guarantee?

Professional Consultants

Our consultants are trained to help you find your needs, meet them with the correct solutions and enhance your day-to-day business owner experience. They are trained on a weekly basis to make sure they are giving you the correct information and solutions.

Comprehensive Customer Support

Customer support is important for you in case there's questions or technical issues you may encounter. Platinum Payment's customer support is available 365/24/7. Your hold times will be up to 30 seconds.

No Margin Increase

You may or may not know but most companies will up your margin costs per year...some per month. We like you and want to develop a long-lasting relationship so we will NOT raise your margin or rates from our part.

Tailored Equipment

Your business and daily operations are different from those around you, which means your equipment will be different. We train our consultants to give you solutions and equipment that fits your needs, so when they suggest anything, you can have the peace of mind we're looking out for you.

No Termination Fees

Our determination to help you feel comfortable and to develop that professional relationship is very strong. We don't have termination fees because we trust ourselves to give you the best service and products in the industry.

No Term-based Agreements

Locking you into a term-based agreement is a thing of the past. We just don't.