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Become A Partner​! Our partnerships are all about that, partnering. Sign up for an account, we will update you of any changes for the partnership program and give you all the information you need!


SOCi – an affiliate program!

In all honesty, your success means our success. SOCi is ideal for organizations or individuals who are looking to simply refer over businesses that need payment processing or gateway solutions. We offer much more than just savings, it’s a win-win-win situation.

Increase your bottom line with absolutely no risk to you! Your relationship with us extends to your referrals with our high-class service while saving them money by significantly dropping their processing costs.

As your committed processing partner, we want to offer you the opportunity to have an ongoing monthly revenue stream with SOCi. You send the referral, we do the work, you see the benefit with monthly residuals; wash, rinse and repeat.

Our payment solutions are simple for a first-time merchant to understand and customizable enough to manage the needs of advanced multi-location merchants. Most importantly, all of the perks that Platinum brings with our core and also the TRIPS FYI CRAP

Our Expertise Provides:

Transparency, no contracts, no termination fees, tailored equipment, local payment professional, no rate increase as well as white glove customer service.

Whether your referrals are new to electronic payments or have been in the game for a few years, we will offer them the best processing rates with our interchange optimization AI and setting each customer up with level 3 processing.

How it works

SOCi is simple. You refer us to an organization or business Platinum and our professionals take care of the rest. Once your referral has joined Platinum we will send you monthly payments for the time the customer stays with us. (They will, and it won’t be because they have to)

Offer your contacts a free merchant analysis!

Let your business owner friends know you work with someone that will give them free merchant analysis. All the business needs to do is provide a recent merchant statement a payment professional will give a proposal highlighting the perks of partnering with Platinum.

Benefits Of Being A Partner

Dedicated affiliate team

We have created the Partner Development Team to help you go through the
on-boarding process

Real-time customer status access

You will have direct access to the status of the customer’s progress through our unique portal.

Additional revenue stream

An additional revenue stream is never a bad thing, but it will be real once you become a SOCI Partner.

Increase customer retention

Customers will stay longer when you increase their chances of success through solutions.

Protection from competitors

Competitors will be less likely to win your customers, as you’ve been able to help on a solutions-based status.

Increase customer loyalty

Referrals, further purchases and more will come as the customized partner plan begins its course.

6 Steps to become a Platinum payments partner


Request Info

Reach out and get more info on how to become a member.



Speak to Affiliate Development Team Member



Sign Affiliate Agreement



Work with PDT to create custom affiliate plan



Initiate Affiliate Plan



Enjoy Increased monthly revenue