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Terminals, Point Of Sale, Mobile.

Gift cards and loyalty

Reward your customers and clients with point rewards, loyalty, and custom gift cards.

Platinum payments


Platinum e-Commerce is a complete, hosted payment solution for face-to-face and e-commerce transactions.

Reduce your risk and compliance headaches by letting Platinum Payments protect your financial data and ensure you’re in compliance with the latest industry security standards and regulations.

Best of all, Platinum e-Commerce is designed to accommodate organizations of any size in any business segment.

Platinum e-commerce efficiently and cost-effectively processes payments through your Internet-connected PC.

Plus, all transactions are powered by Elavon’s network, the payment network rated #1 by MasterCard® for speed, availability, and reliability.

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Platinum Tech and systems

point of sale

Process Payments From Your Store Front. See our latest terminals and up to date apps that are customizable to will fit your every needs


Take payments on the go with Platinum Payments mobile payment processing solutions. The perfect fit for any business that keeps up with the technological trends or has a mobile-friendly component.

Product tech list

Gift & loyalty

Platinum Loyalty makes your customers as loyal to your business as you are

Business Dashboard

The Business Dashboard is your center for customer reporting, analytics, and program management. Measure program effectiveness in real time, learn when and how often customers visit and spend, and use detailed shopper data to tailor future offers.

Promotional MKTG

Extend your marketing without overextending your budget. A small-dollar promotional card offer is a low-risk way to encourage new customers to visit your business, where your own great products, service, and loyalty offers can keep them coming back.

Gift Cards

There’s a lot to like about gift cards: Customers give the cards to others, helping promote your business, especially when the cards feature your logo. And 75% of gift card shoppers spend more than the value of the gift card!

Repeat Customers

Turn new customers into regular shoppers with an automatic invitation to join your loyalty program. They can join with as little as a phone number—no coupons, cards, or key chains. Fanfare automatically tracks loyalty points, rewards, and offers for you both.

Custom Offers

Use your Business Dashboard to set up custom offers—one time only, time-based, or a percentage or dollar amount—then email them to members, who will also see the offer at checkout. You can see your results by tracking offers redeemed and revenue generated in real time.

Branded Website

Your Fanfare loyalty program includes a website branded with your business name and logo at a unique URL, where customers can register, track their rewards progress, and view available rewards. You get valuable insight on every customer who registers.