Zellim is the product of more than 8 years of development with over $10 million invested into perfecting our vision.

Today, we’re an international presence based on the consolidation of multiple teams, expertise, products, services, and IP from six individual enterprises all joined together to create one global organization.

Our founder envisioned a simple-to-use platform that empowered users to effortlessly create, collaborate, and problem solve.

Zellim is backed by a team who believes people are the most important asset of any business. We know that the greatest catalyst for success is a team who’s mastered collaboration and productivity.

Our productivity suite brings together an evolution of tools that fill in the communication gaps of distributed teams while also streamlining your team’s in-house collaboration.

The heart of our mission is to continue to bring you innovative tools that will enable you to strengthen your communication, collaboration, and relationships… No matter where you are in the world.