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To Host, or Not To Host?

By March 9, 2021September 16th, 2021No Comments

To Host, or Not To Host?

Hosted payment gateway

What happens when you click “Buy Now”?

Hosted payment gateway: Either you listen to your bank account, close the browser and move on, or you pull out another credit card and buy the thing you didn’t know you needed until that moment. While that is going on, you are also most likely leaving the merchant’s website and are then redirected to a third-party processor. Now that you’ve landed safely on a secure payment page you can enter the needed information to complete the transaction and get back to checking for shipping updates. 


From a business owner standpoint, the data never passes through their website directly – the entire transaction is processed by our external servers, so essentially we are taking care of the backend payment and data processing so Mr. Merchant doesn’t have to –  Ahem, less liability for the win!


Still not convinced? 


According to a 2020 Global Consumer Insights Survey done by PWC, 86% of consumers are likely to continue to shop online/by phone when social distancing measures are removed. If you are looking to add online payment options, now is the time! Trying to catch up with trends gets harder the further behind you get.


We have the solutions for you to better care for your customers,

are you ready to get off the fence?



What Are the Benefits of a Hosted Pay Page?


  • Compatibility – Can be integrated with a wide range of various solutions.

  • Easy To Use – The entire set-up process is as simple as copy and pasting one line or two of code.

  • Simple checkout process:  The simple checkout ensures that customers won’t bail on the purchase because of a long and confusing checkout process.

  • Multiple Functions – The ability to offer various supported methods and currencies. Most people prefer to use digital wallets like Google Pay, by not offering that you will have higher shopping cart abandonment rates.

  • Cost-Effective – It is expensive to obtain their own PCI certifications. Hosted payment pages can save the merchant upwards of $50,000-$100,00.

  • Security – Customers’ credit card information is submitted and processed securely through the hosted payment page.

  • Customization – The page can be customized to your wildest dreams-ish. Having the payment page match your webpage helps customers will see it as being trustworthy and inline with your brand.

  • Simple checkout process:  Easy checkout safeguards you from customers bailing because of a long and confusing checkout process.


Now that we have established your need for a Platinum Payments hosted gateway, go ahead and call to schedule a time to meet with a Payment Professional and make that a reality. Not only will they help you streamline and enhance your business, but they will also make sure that you are PCI compliant all while giving you a rate guarantee!


Hosted payment gateway


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