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3 Marketing Enhancements on 2018 for 2019

By November 19, 2018December 17th, 2020No Comments
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With the end of 2018 and its craziness, marketing has most likely been pretty confusing to you. Most of these changes have to do with an enhanced way of connecting via social media.

We would like to help you focus on 3 simple strategies that can help with your social media marketing, since it’s not the same social media we used to know.

1. Quality not Quantity

You’ve probably heard this before, but as you know, the quality of your posts have to connect with your social media audience truly. What precisely that means all depends on your product, brand, and audience

Product: If your product is a daily use product, then make sure that the posts have to do with such use. A simple fun post, or a tip on how to use in various ways.

Brand: Marketing 101, branding is not a logo. Branding is not picture of your business, this is brand identity. A brand is what others think, feel and know of your service/product. So if your customers or prospective customers feel good about your brand, make sure they’re loud about it, this is part of your brand strategy.

Audience: The audience is the most fun to work with. Not only because people are awesome, but because they will tell you what you need to sell, how to sell it and why they want it! The more you listen to them, the better idea of what type of ad strategy you must follow.

2. Market Research

The beauty of researching is that the information is at our disposal. There was a time where information had to be searched for in books, newspapers and many harder ways than just googling it.

Due diligence: Whether you’re the one in charge of marketing for the company, or you hire someone to do so, make sure, before you begin an ad campaign on social media, due diligence is done to research the market you’re targeting. The more data you have the easier the strategy will come to fruition.

Use your database: Clients are one of the most valuable assets you have. Their opinion and their loyalty will bring you business back in huge groups, if accessed and asked nicely. Create a simple ad campaign via email to get answers for your company and how to improve it, or what you’re already doing right. Build on your strengths and focus on enhancing them further.


Launch. Not Lunch: Most businesses believe that after the quality ads, and the due diligence and market research, the job is done! I mean, we have the data and the content…right? So don’t just take the launching timeline as a time to rest and have lunch, this is the moment of truth, time to baby-sit!

Living campaign: A living campaign should be always the main alternative. A “living campaign” we define as a campaign that is always looking to enhance its reach and must be baby-sat for a little until it reaches maturity, creating a selling-oriented ad, because let’s be honest, you’re not advertising for tax purposes, you’re advertising to sell.

Conclusion:Create excellent content with the help of your customers. Ask them what they want. Create a fantastic ad campaign parallel with the material, and sell away, your potential customers are waiting for your solution to help them make a problem disappear!

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