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What’s your DRIVE?

By November 16, 2018December 17th, 2020No Comments
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You can not drive a car without four wheels. No, don’t get technical and talk about those weird three-wheel vehicles and do not even bring up motorcycles. Heaven forbid we cross into the realm of Segways. We are talking about cars. So, now that we have our focus and we are on the subject of cars let us talk about we want from them. We want them to be reliable, efficient and to get us from A to B. Everyone has a different opinion of what car is best and what features are most appealing. However, there is one thing that all cars need. Wheels. The car can go nowhere without the wheels. The wheels are specific skills necessary to drive us to wherever we want to go. The road is the opportunity and when the rubber meets the road that is when the journey begins.

SalesThis one word has affected the world in so many ways. No matter what you do or where you are in the world, you have been influenced by it. Wither it makes you cringe in fear or gets your heart racing with excitement; there is an emotional response tied to the word.

DriveWhether you started a lemonade stand as a kid or as an adult…not judging. You could be running a multi-million dollar company, working for a family business or whatever it may be. There is a motivation or a drive to why you are involved. Maybe it is for recognition or to prove something to yourself. Maybe, you are just trying to get by and provide. Perhaps it is because you are trying to find yourself and what role you play in this big world. Your story is yours. Own it.

GrowthWe want to share our stories as we have come from all different walks of life. We want to talk about what drives each of us, and the role sales have had in each of our own lives. We will share the four wheels of success which are perception, determination, empathy, and trust. Whether you are just starting or you are an experienced veteran in the industry. Using these tools you can become successful in any sales. Every day is a new opportunity, so start fresh. Find what motivates you and drive.

Let’s connect and discover what’s your DRIVE.

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