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Many things have changed over the last two years-ish: masks, quarantine, vaccinations, mass shift toward contactless payments, and more curbside pick or delivery options. I must admit that I rely on those delivery services and apps that make life easier. I mentioned a while back that things were changing from necessity and converted into habits. I’ll eat my own words now, but I will not denounce my love for online ordering. How could I not with the time saved by using InstaCart, and who doesn’t love some DoorDash?

We are changing the script again by going one above contactless and cut out face-to-face anything where possibble. I am even more on board with that. The introvert in me loves the idea of going to a full-service restaurant, check-in in upon arrival, find the menu and order off a QR code, and finish it off with pay-at-the-table functionality. 

Meet TableRes. 


This app is free of charge to restaurants and foodservice businesses in the United States and Canada that process with Elavon.
TableRes provides a contactless guest experience from fast food to full-service restaurants where the customer can pay at the table without interaction with a server. It also gives pre-order and pre-pays options for delivery, curbside pick up, or drive-thru.

One of the driving forces behind the app’s development was to provide contactless options for the hospitality industry, focusing on social distancing. With tools that enable safe and secure card-not-present (CNP) transactions and in-app payments, you can safely accept mobile and contactless payments. Combined with EMV 3D Secure, adding on the latest security technology is a match made in heaven.

How it works

TableRes can work within the restaurant or hotel’s existing app. There is also the option for a standalone iOS or Android app. Or go the mobile web app route and make a QR code for customers to scan.

This app shows customers the menu, locations, order, and prepay for delivery, curbside, or drive-thru. Customers will love the bonus of reserving space for your group upon arrival. The capability to pay at the table, reducing contact with staff, and items like paper menus, bills, and payment cards.

As an extra perk, TableRes has an integrated floor management system that tracks bookings, guests, profiles, tables, servers, waitlist, and a wide range of other functions. The application is totally free, with the merchant paying for the processing services.

Ask a payment professional if TableRes is right for you 😉 866-921-2982

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