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Poynt Smart Terminal

 Start Taking Payments On One Of The Most Beefed-Up CONTACTLESS Smart Terminals!


Just how beef-ed up you ask?

For starters, some of the most popular perks of the Poynt is that it comes equipped with

  • dual touchscreens ( 7″ and 4.3″),
  • an 8-hour battery life,
  • a built-in printer,
  • an EMV card reader,
  • AC input,
  • a 5 MP front camera and a
  • 2 MP back camera.

The Poynt is Wi-Fi and 4G enabled as well as ready for NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay.


To really show how sweet the Poynt can be, this guy will even be friends with all of your favorite accessories!

What accessories do you ask?

That list includes…

  • wired and wireless printers
  • cash drawers,
  • and barcode scanners!


There is even a QuickBooks Plug-In to boot!

Now you can keep track of everything in one place and seamlessly with your QuickBooks account.



Other perks and benefits of this hand-hand terminal includes Poynt HQ, the most user-friendly dashboard you have ever seen, it’s a “true love at first sight” kind of dashboard. Accessible from any smartphone, tablet, Poynt terminal, or internet browser. HQ provides real-time sales data, remote account management. There is an additional messaging feature that allows merchants to communicate with clients.

It is fully customizable to allow for organizing your inventory to your heart’s content, whether you prefer by price, color, or size, you have all the control. As an added bonus each category can support up to 500 different items!

PCI compliance is a big deal around here and with Safe-T Solo already built in, it’s guaranteed that all sensitive card information is encrypted and tokenized. We make sure you are PCI compliant to avoid a data breach, allowing you to heave a sigh of relief knowing you’re protected against fraudsters. Each and every payment is end-to-end encrypted keeping your customers’ card data safe and secure.

So, to basically summarize, this piece of equipment is top of the line and so simple to operate, add on our Platinum Guarantee and you will be asking yourself why you didn’t make the switch earlier.

In the market for a new point of sale or interested in upgrading?

Give us a call at 1-866-921-2982

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