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Platinum Payments + FourSide Solutions

By December 17, 2020January 5th, 2021No Comments

FourSide Solutions recently partnered with Platinum Payments to make it even easier for FourSide Solutions customers. With Platinum Payment’s turnkey e-commerce and merchant ID process, customers can quickly complete an online form that has been branded with FourSide’s logo and tailored specifically to fit our clients’ needs, as well as provide important business information, and have e-commerce capabilities in place within days. With other payment processors, this can take weeks. With competitive processing fees, this automated process offers customers the most streamlined process in the industry.



The self-storage business is a growing industry that has earned its way into many investors’ portfolios. It is an industry that offers great financial returns when technology and eCommerce are implemented. Fourside Solutions, a self-storage management and technology company, is a leader in the industry that offers customers the ability to manage their self-storage facilities remotely. This hands-off approach to the industry allows investors to manage more facilities, reduce management staff, and see a greater ROI (return on investment).

Here are some of FourSide Solution’s key features:

  • Easy-to-manage and build a website that is completely catered to the self-storage business. Customers can deploy their website in hours with all the bells and whistles one expects from a website builder.

  • Turn-key e-commerce that offers customers the ability to receive customer auto-payments, oversee overdue payments, and manage payment cycles.

  • Auto-updates of inventory allows clients to have the ease of browsing and renting completely online.

  • Fully customizable email communication with customers regarding payments and credit card declines.

  • On-demand reporting tools that provide inventory, rent roll, ROI, and trends.

  • Easy integration of legacy data that includes storage units and customer data to make the transition to Fourside Solutions seamless regardless of the business’s current e-commerce or check-paying process.



For more information, check out www.foursidesolutions.com or call 855-275-4584



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