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Consumer Trends

By December 31, 2019January 20th, 2021One Comment

We know that brick and mortar stores are struggling in competition with eCommerce. The internet is taking over more and more each day, with the technology of location tracking and analytics, brands are able to watch the trends of shoppers, engage with them and in return, they see an increase in their revenue.

Shoppers are using multiple websites to get detailed information on a product and read countless reviews to help them make a final decision on whatever product they are considering purchasing. Retailers ought to be looking into online options to meet the needs and expectations of how shopping trends have changed.

Multichannel shopping, or Omni commerce, is a must for retail business in this day and age. It is known that places who are single-channel are not even close to bringing in the revenue that Omni commerce can, and does. It’s like casting a wide net off of a boat for fish, and a single small handheld net off the dock, it’s not hard to figure out who will have a greater return, it’s not even a close comparison.

It has been shown that customers will allow tracking of their shopping trends, which turn into ads, which leads to a more personalized shopping experience. Most shoppers don’t mind to share their information if it leads to loyalty points, coupons or some type of special offer.

Platinum has a point of sale software with analytics that will help track the trends and success of similar businesses in your area which helps them to understand the best way to do their marketing and help them change up their business plan to something that will be more successful. Without this, they don’t know whether they are doing bad, just ok, or excelling. Without that information, you don’t change things up to fit the trends and market to the right demographic.

Contact us for more information on the Talech software and learn more about how valuable it will be for your business. It applies to every single Merchant out there and is a huge benefit to help grow and expand.

Platinum Payments will help you stay ahead of the game, or catch up, and put your brand on the map.

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