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Non-Cash Adjustment

By October 20, 2021No Comments
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Non-Cash Adjustment

Non-cash adjustment is a built-in discount given to customers who pay with cash.  Merchants need to be careful and aware that they display the cash prices with obvious signs stating the cash price is advertised, and card payments will pay a higher price. The Durbin amendment says that the regular price is whatever you have shown your customers. Therefore, having signage on the entrance and at check-out is crucial, and that the listed prices are the cash price and the card price higher than the cash price. The plug and play point of sale will add the non-cash adjustment in the range of 3-4% and is typically shown on the bottom of the receipt.    

Keep More Of The Money You Earn.

Non-cash adjustment is gaining in popularity now, especially to those businesses who got punched in the revenue by COVID. However, you’ve probably seen it floating around for decades, most likely at gas stations. Gas stations were the first to roll with a discount for their cash-paying customers as an incentive. It all boils down to is if you pay with cash, it costs a little less per gallon. If you pay with a credit card or gift card, the cost is listed on the sign and the pump. Merchants using NCA see higher margins, and customers don’t seem to mind the charge; only 1-2% will ask about the added amount. Non-cash adjustment.


NCA is for everyone; however, before you decide if an NCA program is right for your business, consider a few things:


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