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Talech Mobile

Survival of the Adaptors

Everyone is talking about supply chain interruption, how chip shortages are affecting tech, and the ports are backed up. Long story short, they’re saying that holiday shopping this year is going to be different. That’s great for the consumers to plan earlier shopping strategies, but what are the small businesses supposed to do to get by?

One option is using Talech point of sale  and its AI tools to stay dialed in on inventory and adjust sales accordingly. In addition, it syncs with ease to tablets, iPad, smartphones, and quite a few point of sale setups offering a more flexible way to accept payments.

Link your Talech point of sale software to your chosen device and sit back and watch the magic. Just think of what you could do with real-time business analytics?! Have order placements, checkout, payment information, and simple-to-read reports all in one place. For. Free. See the flow of products straight from the dashboard to zone in on customer trends.

Here are a few examples of what the data can do for you:

  • Compare inventory and goods sold to keep stock up to date.
  • See what is a hot seller or what is sitting on the shelf for too long.
  • Track the results of promotions, revenue, inventory, and staffing.
  • Know who will be the employee of the month with the highest sales.

If you want to scale up, Talech will help you do that quickly. The information provided will allow you to adjust purchase points to stay profitable, meet customers’ expectations and lower the amount of money tied up in inventory.

Did you know?

Talech Mobile is a free version of the software available through any smartphone’s App Store that provides business analytics and insights, but not at a level as robust as a paid version of talech. A customer needs an inexpensive, chip-enabled Bluetooth card reader for securely accepting payments on their smartphone.

Much like last year, this holiday season is sure to look unlike any other in a new way. While concerns about health and safety have relaxed since the previous year, pandemic-influenced shopping behaviors continue to gain traction.
Most businesses figured out how to adapt to new ways of serving their customers; however, implementing those practices when market peaks will all hinge on a well-thought-out plan.

For our eCommerce friends, think about adding the option to buy online and pick up in-store. Some people prefer to browse online, check reviews, and then go to the store for pick up. This is great for online shoppers who don’t wait to wait for shipping.
The smaller inventory club that doesn’t want to store card information or a home-based business should consider a “Buy” button for easy checkout. It’s simple to add to a webpage that doesn’t require an investment of time and money on a more advanced payment system.

If you’re rocking the brick and mortar stores, you can say sayonara to checkout lines and social distancing. This allows customers to check out wherever they happen to be, whether outside, curbside, tableside, literally anywhere. Make sure to consider the customers who need to make contactless payments as well.

Schedule a time to have a payment professional do a free analysis and if we can help!

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