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Benefits of Invoice + Billing

By November 20, 2019January 20th, 2021No Comments

As a business owner, you obviously want your billing process to be efficient and simple to use. The quicker you are able to get invoices out, the quicker you get paid. In fact, customers are more apt to pay twice as fast when they receive an invoice, not to mention you are establishing brand identity. Adding a logo or color scheme to match your brand increases payments by 3x. Prompt payment affects cash flow, delayed payments can put you at risk.

Recurring Billing

Subscription-based services should be set up for automatic billing and invoicing processes.

By using this type of system you are able to send payment reminders and notices for past-due invoices. Automating these tasks saves you a ton of time and money so you can focus on growing your business.

Easy for customer to pay

With mobile invoicing, you can pay with multiple options. If your customers have different options to choose from you usually get paid 2x quicker. At the end of the day, invoices that are sent faster means payment is also received faster.

Enhance Customer Relationships

You have correct billing, currency exchange, a professional appearance, and a positive brand reinforcement. Adding in a customized note at the bottom, like a simple “Thank you” shows your clients how much you care. Strengthening the relationship with customers encourages them to pay on-time, and also helps achieve repeat customers and referrals.

It’s Secure

Everything is saved and stored online. It’s so simple to log into your account and everything you need to bill your clients is right at your fingertips. Their name and address, payment terms, and preferred method are saved and protected. It is imperative that security is a top priority. We take PCI compliance very seriously and help ensure that our clients are protected.

Minimize Errors

By using an invoicing system you can automatically compile costs and quotes and generate invoices from the data. That will reduce the number of people required and reduce the chance for human error. Errors will delay payment, can damage the customer relationship and cost a considerable amount to fix. Online invoicing will do the calculations for you and ensure it goes to the correct person. On the chance that a mistake was made, it takes a few minutes to fix and resend.

Establishes brand identity.

A cloud-based invoicing solution can reinforce your brand’s identity. You can add your logo, color scheme, and fonts that match your brand’s voice. When you strengthen your identity you increase the chances of getting paid on-time. It’s been found that including your logo increases payments by 3x. You can also create customized messages, such as a “Thank You!” You will be able to upsell new products or services. Link to a piece of content that can help the client solve an additional problem.

Integrate Systems

Connecting a set of systems will decrease processes and administration needs. You are able to go through each step when everything is linked together.

Simple Reporting

It is important to have all information in one place and easy to access. By using an efficient invoicing system you can find needed information very quickly, which will help you help your customers quickly. Using an integrated solution, it is simple to create customized reports. By doing so, you are able to identify your most profitable customers, as well as reporting on profit, operational costs, buying patterns, and projected cash flow.

Cost savings / Eco-Friendly

Online invoicing eliminates the cost of paper, ink, etc. thanks to automation you can reduce the cost of invoicing by 29%. In addition to minimal cost, it also reduces your carbon footprint, Paper Calculator from the Environmental Paper Network can show you just how much of a difference by saving trees, water, energy, pollution, let alone the waste in landfills from office supplies.

Work from anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection and a smartphone or device, you can manage client information, monitor time logs, expense tracker, your team can even manage and update invoices from any location.

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