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Open Doors Highlight

By November 6, 2019December 17th, 2020No Comments

Why Open Doors?

I chose Open Doors because of my own struggles with being a single-teen parent. I had the support system of my family to help ensure that I did not become another statistic. Reading about Open Door and Circles program it really resonated with me on how important the services they are offering are helping other members of the community overcome the hurdles they face.

Philanthropy Friday

Open Doors was our very first Philanthropy Friday. I was so excited to be able to accomplish what I set out to do when I started Platinum Cares. As a company, we collected some of their most needed items for the food bank. Pantries are always short on dry goods, next time you donate to a food drive, try to keep that in mind.

We all know there are kids going hungry each night but it really hits home when you see a kid get so excited over a simple box of macaroni and cheese or when getting a boxed cake mix is a big deal. Something that we often take for granted, was a highlight of someone else’s day. As a society, we need to do better. Circles is one way that I hope to be able to help make a difference, among our other partners and volunteers.


My favorite part of Open Doors is Circles. Circles is a 12-week class to help low-income individuals break intergenerational poverty. It is peer-based mentoring where graduates are paired with other peer mentors for job training in business and trades.

I was invited to attend one of the Circles’ weekly meetings. I was literally moved to tears at the end. I have never seen that type of community or support among others in a long time. Each person there had a huge impact on me in various ways. Everyone is on a different step in their journey, but to watch them hold each other up, support them to help them reach their next step, offer other ideas, viewpoints and tips was an amazing experience.

I love how members of the community have a place to go to get not just resources, but the help to work through various barriers and come out on the other side with a whole new outlook on life in addition to their new skills and friendships that were built.

Open Doors services provided to people go well beyond aid to meet basic needs. It is education, support, a safe place for those who are struggling, a sense of community, being linked to others who have had the same experiences goes further than a caseworker, or a paper handout. It builds long-lasting results, not just for those attending the classes, but also for those who help support Open Doors in any way.

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