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Fast Track Funding and Why You Want It

By February 24, 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments

Speed, Efficiency + Happier Customers

With electronic payments taking the place of checks, small businesses can receive their funds quickly, which helps their business process become more efficient. When businesses are able to receive payments quickly it brings many benefits such as easier and improved cash flow, predictable budgeting, spending, and investing. Faster verification lowers the chances of customers making overdrafts and helps them avoid associated fees, which leads to happier customers.

How Does Next Day Funding Work?

Usually, funding takes one to two business days. With Next Day Funding, payments hit your bank account at the end of the next business day. When you opt for Next Day, your funds are put into the fast lane with the Federal Reserve which speeds up the normal funding process.

For example, if you submitted your batch out before 6 AM EST with a balance up to $25,000 you would receive the funds by 5 PM that same day. This means that with Fast Funding you could batch out late Monday night after closing and the funds would be deposited into your account by 5 p.m. on Tuesday rather than having to wait until Wednesday.

Same-Day ACH transfers can be flagged as needing to be processed quickly and made available to customers accounts the same business day which is a huge benefit for businesses who don’t bank at the same bank that processes their ACH payments

Time is Valuable

Time is money, and managing your business is time-consuming. Fast Funding leaves you feeling calm and less stressed because the funds are guaranteed to be there when you need them. We’ll take care of the timing so you can focus on running your business.

Fast funding is just one of the many options that our team can help you with to enhance your business and bank account. To learn more about the options for regular, next day and fast-track funding contact us and schedule a time via phone or to have a Payment Professional come to you!

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