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Converge is a very robust payment gateway for processing payments accessible from any secure browser. Converge gets it done quickly, safely, whether in-person, online or while out and about. It has a full range of payment types such as debit/credit cards, electronic checks, mobile wallets, gift cards, and recurring payments.

Converge is great for any environment. You can take advantage of the mobile app and have the option to use NFC and EMV. Adding a “Buy Button” will allow for adding payments on existing websites, new websites, and integration with over 50 popular shopping carts.

This software is fully encrypted with add-ons to help manage customer information easily. Each transaction is encrypted during every stage of the process. There will not be any sensitive data stored in the app or the card reader. If you were to lose your device or misplace it somewhere you can be assured that all payment information is secure.

One major security option is Tokenization, which allows you to manage customer credit cards and billing information (card on file) in the Card Manager and process transactions manually at a later time, such as something subscription-based, or payment plans.

Converge has billing and invoicing capabilities so you are able to increase your cash flow. You can save time and resources by using Converge to create invoices, email to customers and accept your payments online, or set it up to do recurring billing that will work with credit, ACH, and eChecks and can be customized to whatever time frame you need. Another big benefit is the auto-population that will allow for Level 3 processing, which results in lower fees.




  • Account Updater — Converge updates automatically to ensure the latest information is used to reduce authorization declines and will streamline payments.

  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) — Visa and MasterCard credit card purchases are converted instantly at the time of checkout to the cardholder’s home currency. DCC is a great option that gives the cardholder who is aborad the option to process in their native currency or the local currency. Rates are updated daily to have the most up-to-date exchange rates in the market.

  • Multi-Currency Conversion (MCC) — This allows merchants to sell products and services in various currencies and receive funding in their home currency.

  • Multiple-User — Allows merchants to set up a user structure for increased security.

  • Customizable Payment — Allows for online payment and Virtual Terminal payment forms to be configured for unique business needs.

  • Auto Settlement –Allows for programs to automatically settle un-pended transactions.

  • Custom Decline Messages — This Allows for non-approved authorization responses to be customized for consumer-initiated transactions.

  • User-Defined Fields — Supports additional user-defined transaction prompts on all payment forms.

  • Dynamic DBA — This Allows you to customize the information on the customer’s credit card statements, this way you can specify wording that is more recognizable to the customer.

Security Features

Various security features are built into Converge and include:

  • System timeouts after inactivity
  • Restricted system logins
  • Enhanced Logins with IP Recognition
  • Password requirements

With how diverse converge is, it’s no wonder it is one of the top-rated options in the market, in addition to being one of the least expensive, paired with our interchange optimization and Platinum Guarantee, and top it off with one of our Payment Professionals who will make sure you don’t just process with Platinum, you get to experience it.

To read more about Converge click here.


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