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Merchant services are one way to cut out a chunk of monthly expenses.

Even though we all know what’s going on and what steps to take, sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to do. Sometimes we space things off because we’re too busy to take the time. Merchant services are one way to cut out a chunk of monthly expenses.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you of the available resources and how to survive this. It has taken me these few weeks to begin to wrap my head around it all, and some days I struggle more than others.

As we are reevaluating many things in our lives, whether to have earthquake insurance or not, deciding how much we either:

  • A. We really like social distancing, especially from family.
  • B. We really like being outside.

But for real, people are now looking to buy earthquake insurance, panic shopping, all while getting our houses in order and looking for ways to cut back and decrease costs as much as possible at home and at the office.

Businesses WANT to keep their employees, but during financial strain, it is an expense that can be minimized. In all reality, we have to look at our bottom line and get creative. Why not try a new approach, shake things up (pun totally intended), step outside the box. The ideas and opportunities are endless.

Where can we cut back?

Business financials should also be delved into, so that when things go back to normal, or we adapt to our new normal, we are ready to roll out of the gate.

Merchant services are one way to cut out a chunk of monthly expenses.

How we can help:

  • For a limited time, we have our inventory marked down a considerable amount, if not free.
  • Talech Premium FREE for the next 6 months [ $700 value !! ]
  • Platinum Guarantee — Never raise your rates — No contracts — No termination fees
  • First Aid Kit — For existing customers who need a quick solution to keep accepting payments
  • Converge is great for setting up customers on payment plans (includes billing & invoicing)
  • All monthly fees will be suspended until further notice.
  • Surcharging — never pay a fee again

Other places to cut back:

  • Discretionary spending — non-essential maintenance.
  • Rent — having open communication may get you further into available options/payment plans.
  • Capital costs — delay equipment purchases.
  • Printing costs — Switch to more digital options
  • Payroll — maybe look into pay cuts or decreased hours as a possibility before layoffs.
  • Cancel subscriptions — Consolidate to one option VS many (Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Social Pilot, etc)
  • Reevaluate all other lease agreements.
  • Cut back on workplace perks.
  • Cut the workweek. Switching to a four day work week saves 20% of payroll.

In the midst of a whole new experience with an Extreme learning curve, we know we need to keep going, we need to stay in business, we need to uphold our economy to the best of our abilities.

Things aren’t over, or on ‘pause’. We just need to adapt, take a step back, breathe a bit deeper and since we now have the time, do some reevaluation. Primarily we focus on our own immediate families but secondarily we need to look at our economy and businesses.

Is there more we can do? Is there a new way to approach things? Let’s take this time to include these things into our soul searching or whatever this quarantine has you doing.

Things have shifted from dine-in restaurants to take out with curbside pickup, so maybe you could benefit from a Poynt (now integrates with QuickBooks Online!!) because the customer has their own side and screen, you would have yours. Not having to touch anything, easy to clean.

Our New Normal?

People are still buying, it just happens to be in smaller quantities to save on cash reserves and for quicker store trips to get back home. We have shifted to more things being online, or accessible online. We can have everything we need to be delivered to our front door.

Does your business have that capability?

I have groceries delivered, we subscribe to monthly artsy things to have delivered — with kids doing more online learning I have to step it up and order the things that they need as well. At this point, we don’t have any reason to need to leave the house. Everything. Is. Deliverable.

People are ordering online out of necessity which will convert to habit and convenience. Stay ahead of the game, don’t play catch up later. Platinum Payments can help you navigate such uncharted waters and help you get into the best position we can muster.

If you could see your product online and have some type of delivery, shipping or pick up options and ensure that your doors stay open, would you ??

Of course, you would, so take advantage of these deals and our price cuts and work with our partners to have everything taken care of for you, for a quarter of the cost of competitors.

Platinum can get you set up and processing on one of the top pieces of equipment out there with waived fees and very minimal or no cost.

We are doing this because we genuinely care. This means that our own employees and reps are giving up their commissions to get you in a better place. If that doesn’t scream integrity and that we’re here for the long haul, I don’t know what will. We do not want to see others struggling or closing their doors, we want to provide a service to keep everyone running.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each and every person who has supported us during this time. We are all in this together, and together we will overcome this while coming out a better and stronger society. Thank you, please do what you can to stay safe and healthy.

Here is a link that has many business resources. I loved this because it made things simple!

Paycheck Protection Program — www.coronavirus.gov and www.sba.gov

Here is a link to our lender if you need help securing a loan, way you will have a lower interest rate and quicker funding, not to mention a heck of a lot easier than going through the banks.

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