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By December 17, 2019December 17th, 2020One Comment

How amazing would it be to have an online order, someone in a retail store, while there is also something going on at a tradeshow or mobile location and another order coming in over the phone all at the same time?

Offering Omni-commerce increases your customers’ chances to purchase, easily, simply and anywhere. With this, you can provide a flawless experience for customers across multiple locations and payment methods.

With the popularity of online shopping, the opportunity for your customers to check your website and see if a specific item is in stock, then have the choice to either order it so an employee can set the item aside for pick up at a later time, or if the item is not currently in stock, customers would have the option of having it shipped to their door, or to the store for pick up.

The up and coming generation is connected across multiple devices and platforms, so being able to reach them across multiple channels adds the potential for increased revenue and also new customers finding your merchandise. Consumers are accustomed to this option in most areas of their life including big box retailers. It isn’t far fetched to think that they would appreciate and almost expect the same from smaller retailers.

The matter of the fact is, if you want to appeal to the younger generations, you need to be easily accessible and on the same platforms that they are on, if not, you risk losing business and not being a recognized name or brand. Bob Dylan said it best, “The times are a changing”, it’s up to the rest of us to keep up or be left behind.

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