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Table Side Payments

By July 12, 2019September 7th, 2021No Comments

Table Side Payments

Paying with checks used to be the norm, which transformed to paying with a swiped debit card, it then evolved into chip cards, tap and go and apple or android pay. The next thing to become more common and be the new normal is Pay At The Table Side..


We’ve all been to a restaurant that has paid at the table as an option. It saves so much time and hassles for each party involved. With fraud so prevalent and becoming more and more of a threat each day, there are a lot of businesses who are looking to switch to tableside payments, not only for the safety and security of themselves and customers but also for the ease and time it saves.

As a business owner, maybe you have looked into tableside payments but are unsure of what the best option is, concerns of cost, leaning a new system, or feelings of being bombarded with things that actually won’t serve the business in a positive way, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and upset.

Elavon has stated: “…69% of American diners report that the most frustrating part of eating out is waiting for the check at the end of the meal.[ii] At a full-service restaurant, it can take up to 12 minutes from the time a customer requests the check to the time they actually end up paying it,[iii] which can seem like an eternity to many patrons. Implementing a pay-at-the-table solution provides exactly the kind of speed and convenience your guests want.”


At Platinum Payments, we have many affordable ways to bring tableside payments and security to give merchants and their customers’ peace of mind that their information remains secure and protected. Our table-side payment solutions are very user-friendly and can do everything from employee management, tracking inventory and products used to make ordering even quicker.

Our professional consultants are trained in the latest technology and up and coming products to be able to better serve others. Get ahead of competitors and offer customers tableside payments which can help increase customer loyalty since they will know how much you value their time and sensitive information.

Our consultants and customer service will be there every step of the way to make sure that you have been adequately trained on the product and teach you how to maximize the flow to a steady and efficient process.

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