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3 Simple Ways to Enhance Social Media Marketing for Business

By December 31, 2018September 7th, 2021No Comments

3 Simple Ways to Enhance Social Media Marketing for Business

So there’s a lot of rumors out there saying that the more you post on your business account the better. Let me explain to you 3 Simple Ways to Enhance Social Media Marketing for Business that make things happen on your social media business profile.

1. What is Quality?

I’ve talked about posting up quality vs. quantity. But let’s talk about what exactly is quality. First of all it will always depend on what your customers, or prospective customers want to see. Now, there’s no crystal ball that will tell you, but there is definitely a way to find out what they want to see through a simple survey.

The beauty of surveys is that it can become a great return customer or acquisition tool. If you place a survey out there with a reward, people are much more likely to answer it, and answer it honestly!

2. Live Feed vs. Stories

Be very cautious when using Live Feed in ANY platform. I have seen some amazing companies with great branding, do some horrible things live.

LIVE: If you are planning on doing a live feed, make sure there is a 1) Simple and non-distracting background, 2) Simple Message. The message should be simple, easy to understand and easy to hear (no background noise) and if possible use a microphone! (Use this one to try out and hear the difference!) 3) Short and sweet message. I cannot stress the importance of simplicity. The faster, concise, and more focused you are on your message, people are more likely to pay attention!

STORIES: If you have any offers you’d like to put up and don’t want to pollute your feed or timeline use Stories! They increase urgency and help people want to act since it’s only available for 24 hours!

This can also help with fun things such as moving, funny moments in the office, etc.

3. Original is not really original

Don’t stress about the content being original. The fact that you have your logo on it and the a story is being said, is original enough. In all honesty, there’s very very little of original, it’s just said it a different way.

So go out there and make things happen on your social media profile. If this is too much, never hesitate to talk to a professional to help you out!

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