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What is Poynt and What Do I Need to Know About It?

By August 31, 2020December 17th, 2020One Comment

What is Poynt? 

Poynt is a credit card processing terminal that has unique design and functionality. The way that people pay is continually changing and Poynt is considered future-proof because it is the first smart technology in this industry that is built with flexibility. It not only currently accepts all forms of payment but also is designed so it can support 3rd-party apps to keep changing as customers and their habits change. 

What Payment Types Does it Support? 

Poynt currently supports all types of payments. This includes Near Field Communication (NFC) such as Apple Pay and Android Pay, EMV or chip payment, cash, magnetic swipe, QR code, barcode scanning, Credit, Debit, Signature Capture, Multi-Tender, Manual Entry, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT). These options can only grow as more apps are developed. 


Where Can I Use It? 

One nice thing about Poynt is that it can be used anywhere. It connects via Wifi, Ethernet, or 3G. Not only does it fit on any counter but you can use it remotely as well. It’s perfect for curbside pickup, to take to local pop-up shops or fairs, to use for inventory in the backroom, for waiters to take directly to customers and everything in between. Poynt provides you the flexibility that you need.  

What is Unique about Poynt? 


As we mentioned earlier, Poynt offers both their own and third-party apps so you can be sure that you have everything you need to run your business in one place. There are a variety of apps including invoicing, virtual terminal, QuickBooks integration, employee management, and more! Check out Poynt’s website to see an infographic that explains some of the apps that they offer. 

Monitor Transactions Remotely

Another benefit of Poynt is that you are able to check your transactions from any iOS, Android, or web device. If you’re not in your place of business but still wondering how things are going, it’s a simple process to be able to check on all things for your business. 

Dual Screens

Poynt is designed to decrease your hassle. Say goodbye to swiveling credit card processing machines that are difficult to use and provide little customer or employee privacy. Instead, Poynt has two screens: one that faces the customer and one that faces the employee. It’s much easier to use. 

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